Hi everyone. We’re in Hangzhou which is about a 45 min train ride from Shanghai. I know what you’re thinking… “What?! You’re on vacation already and you just moved to Shanghai?”


We’re actually here because the hub’s work sent him here for work. So naturally I tagged along and wanted to see all the beautiful things (especially West Lake) that my guidebook mentions. I have to say… people speak even less English than Shanghai here. It can be frustrating for me since I can’t speak or understand anyone. Plus I don’t really have friends here who I can talk to like I do with my girlfriends. (I miss you girls! All of you!) So I felt pretty defeated today and cried at breakfast. Ha. I laugh because it was just vent crying since I’m sick, I’m feeling a little alone (but not lonely, if that makes sense) and I miss having a home. But I know in time, we’ll have an apartment, I will have friends and I’ll finally be able to speak Mandarin.

Remember how I said before… whenever I feel down, miss something or sad here… there’s always something good that happens? Well the hubs and I walked to his work this morning and he pointed out the building that was across the street:


A close up:


Ah, China. Every single time I feel remotely sad… you come in and make me feel better. I didn’t know that Charlie Sheen has his own building here in Hangzhou. ;) I have to admit, I laughed so much seeing this building and then all was good in my world again.