The Japanese food is outstanding here. The day after we flew in, our friend Kin took us to an all you can eat shabu-shabu place. It wasn’t too far from our hotel, which was in the Shanghai Center, though he drove us. I took a lot of pictures so please stay with me.

We went to Mo-Mo-Paradise. They have several locations and guess what? Yup! Kin had a groupon type thing that got us an insane deal.

As you can see from the menu, it’s already a steal for all you can eat (within 100 minutes). We had two broths since there were three of us.

These were the different kinds of broths you can choose from. Kin, being the expert in delicious eats, chose the broth. A rule of advice, whenever you’re with Kin, we let him order. You know why? Because, it’s we know that it’s going to be epic and delicious. So if you’re ever friends with him (and you are so lucky if you are, he’s awesome) let him order!

These are all the items you can order for your actual pot. We loved the fatty beef and we got so much veggie that I think we fulfilled our fiber quota for the year.

And thankfully I took a picture of the location we ate at but I’m sure you could find locations near to wherever you are. I believe they are online so do a quick search for them.

They give you an appetizer in the beginning. The top left is Japanese yam called nagaimo. It’s one of my favorite things to eat, when you grate it (or in this case it’s in sticks), it becomes a sticky paste. That really sounds disgusting but I love it. There was also a salted egg, mushrooms and a shrimp sushi.

The amazing and delicious spicy miso broth that tastes very similar to Korean miso soup and our meat.

Doesn’t this look heavenly?

This place is known for making their own noodles. We had both the udon and the ramen but we love the ramen the best. (picture here) It was the right amount of chewiness and held up well in the soup.

And after you eat till your stomach’s content… they give you green tea ice cream that is just sweet enough with a little tartness. And top it off with some azuki beans (red beans) that are so soft and sweet. Normally I dislike red beans but this was really good.

There was a lot more Japanese we ate but this was already a picture heavy post. I’ll update more on the Japanese food we ate another time!