Friends, our move to China has been relatively smooth considering we have been here two weeks today.

There are some things I’ll just never get used to:

-people spitting on the street
-people digging for the gold and by gold I mean boogers… At a nice restaurant and it’s not rude at all. I even made a video about it, click HERE to view
-nobody takes any kind of American credit card here, China has their own credit card system which generally doesn’t include visa or MasterCard

However, I can never get enough of:

-how every single meal we eat, costs less than one of our meals back home
-it is so ridiculously clean here. I don’t see a single piece of trash on the streets
-every single meal is extremely delicious
-there is so much history here, so it’s an endless learning experience

So back to food:

We ate at a place that serves traditional Shanghainese food yesterday. I had everything but the pan fried pork buns before and it was my first time trying them at our meal. It was really crispy and yummy!


We also had the soup dumplings, which I’ve had many times here in Shanghai. They were juicy and the soup was nice. The ones I’ve eaten in NYC are so much bigger than here.


The hubby had a spicy noodle soups with beef. It was good but I think a bit oily for my taste:


I had the wonton soup with no noodles. Again, the dumplings are so tiny here! It’s actually so adorable to see things miniature.


I’m finally over my cold/flu and feeling back to my chipper self! It’s so difficult when you’re sick and on top of that being in a foreign country…. Especially since I’m not Chinese. But as soon as we move into an apartment, my lessons will start!

In the meantime… I’ll be eating my way through Shanghai and Hangzhou!