and I’m living in Shanghai. So naturally, I will go to any store that sells Korean accessories. (lols) The funny part is that I actually bought two scarves from here that were pretty and soft for under $10USD. Yay! And it was crazy to me that everyone at this market immediately spoke Korean instead of Chinese to me.

I’m guest blogging at GeekinHeels! Jenny is my SIL and I miss her and the family so much after moving to Shanghai. Go over to her blog and see the decorations I made for her daughter’s (my beautiful niece, Claire) first birthday. Her blog is awesome, she’s awesome, so go subscribe to her blog if you haven’t already. :) The gifts I crocheted for Claire’s first birthday: you can see them here!

Got to wave “hi” to her on webcam last night. Totally filled up my heart seeing her again!

Hope everyone’s well and wish us luck as we are in the middle of finding out whether or not we are getting the apartment we want here in Shanghai. :) Then we won’t have to live out of a hotel and actually have a home!!