A New Start

Hello again,

I’m back and starting fresh. If you haven’t followed me before: here goes…

Hi, I’m Annie. I’m Korean and living in Hong Kong. I have a love for all things yarn related. I spent most of the past 16 or so years keeping crochet and knitting as a hobby. 

Prior to my son being born, I spent a lot of my time making things for my friends and their children.

And now that my son is a bit older and I have time again, I’m back in the world of all things crafts. I got inspired by a friend I met here, who makes gorgeous knitted items. S introduced me back into the wonderful world of yarn.

Through this friendship, I’ve become so much happier. S introduced me to another friend, C. Her daughters happen to go to the same school and she also is a crafter! Yippee! 

The three of us get together weekly to have our morning crafting time and most importantly: friend time. 

I’ve found my love for crafting again and I’m inspired to open up a shop. I’m planning to feature my work at one of the markets here in Hong Kong in a few months and I’m so excited!

Thank you to all my family and friends who have encouraged me to follow this dream of selling my item in a shop. I hope that my items will be received with love. All I want is to be able to make someone smile and hope they feel happy when they receive my products.

This is a jumbled up post of (happy) emotions but I’m so incredibly happy to be back to share what’s been going on with me (and my family) lately.


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