Let’s Talk About Pricing

Hi everyone! 

I’ve been accepted to have a booth at the Discovery Bay Handmade Market on May 14, 2017.

I feel so honoured to have been accepted by the market. They uphold great standards and really look for those who genuinely handmade their items.

So now that I’m starting to make items for the market, I wanted to talk about pricing.

I want to be fair to you and to me. And I wanted to explain how I am pricing my items so there is no confusion and you can understand why my items are priced the way they are.

This is my general way of pricing:

+ Cost of yarn: ultra fine merino wool and organic cotton cost significantly more than acrylic and regular wool and cotton

    + other products adding to projects : ribbon, string, eyes, embroidery items, fabric etc

      + cost of packaging materials 

      + cost of printing materials 

      + minimum wage per hour that it takes to finish project 

      + fees for online store (if purchasing through etsy)

      = final price (plus shipping cost if applicable)

      Some people have suggested prices for my items and to be rather honest… it only covered the cost of materials, which means I didn’t get paid at all for the hourly wage. Which means I made no profit and did the work for free.

      I’ve also been told by many other people that I am undercharging. I am not a professional crafter, I am just a mummy who is hoping to make this a part time job to help support our family. And I feel very fortunate to be able to do something I really love and has provided so much warmth for me. 

      I smile and feel joy when I make my items and I hope it makes you feel the same when you purchase one of my items.

      Each item will vary, because it is handmade by me and me only. 

      If you wanted something extremely inexpensive and find my items out of you budget… I understand completely. Big stores that mass produce can charge less because they have machines and can whole sale their items at a rate that I cannot afford. And I would never be offended if you decided to purchase those instead of my items. 

      So I hope this helps you understand how I price my items. 🙂 I want to be fair and clear about it so that you can understand why it seems expensive or inexpensive depending your outlook on products you buy.

      Hope to see you all at the market in May!


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