Good (Monday) Morning!

I’m frantically making items for the Discovery Bay Market Handmade Market on May 14th, 2017. Since I am making the items all by myself, I’m debating on what items I will focus on for it.

I have so many items that I have made (like headbands and such) but I think I need to be more realistic about what items I can actually make in time for the event. The owls from my previous post will definitely be there as they are a staple and what people know me for.

I will also have this beautiful Happy Day Weather Mobile. It is a pattern you can find on Ravelry if you choose to make it yourself. I just love how much this makes me smile and I’ve made so many of these as a baby shower gift. My son also has one in his room that I made many years ago!

I am debating on this one. I came up with this design myself because it is always raining it seems in Hong Kong. So I wanted to make a mobile to show it. 🙂 This is just the prototype but I am really loving how it turned out. I used some gorgeous ribbon yarn for something extra.

As I finalise my items for the market and really plan out how many of each I can make for the market. I may do a poll soon to see what you all prefer. In the end, it really isn’t a big deal because I will have these items on my etsy shop once the market is finished. 🙂

These days have been quite tiring for me as I have been hooking non stop. I did take one day off from hooking to help my hands heal a bit from the pain. But I really do hope you make it to the market to come say hi!

And as always – the goal of my items are to make you smile. I hope you do when you see my pictures too!

Thank you to all my friends and family for all the support you have given me. Couldn’t have made it this far without you all!


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