This Is Why I Make Things

The other day, my very dear friend Charmain came over with her two lovely daughters. Charmain and I were feverishly making things for the upcoming market while our kids played together.

Then, I showed the girls some owls I had made. I had two that were prototypes that I don’t plan to sell. One was purple so I gave that to her eldest and another was yellow. The eldest loved hers because it is her favourite colour. The youngest asked me for a green one.

I remembered that I had some green yarn I wasn’t using so I made one for her on the spot. She squealed with delight when she got hers and off they went back home.

Later that evening, Charmain sends me a picture of both girls snuggling with the owls I had made. They were in bed about to sleep and had my owls in their adorable little arms while smiling!

Sonia, who is also making things for the market, has two boys who are so very close to my heart. I also gave them some prototype owls and they too, sleep with the owls I made. They even named them, one shares a name with my son.

And this is why I craft. This feeling of extreme happiness, love and joy. Seeing these girls and boys so happy from something I made – well, there is no amount of awesomeness I can use to describe how much it meant to me.

I also hope that if you choose to buy any of my items from the market or my shop, that you will feel happiness and love too. 


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