Happiest Holidays

Hi again!

Happy holidays from our family to yours. It’s been an exciting end of the year. As you know we had two markets this year. Etsy Made Local Hong Kong and Hong Kong Handmade two weeks after.

Etsy Made Local on Nov 26, 2017

Handmade Hong Kong on Dec 10, 2017.

Both were highly successful. So many people came and supported my little one person operation shop! It was exciting to meet everyone and talk to them about my products, the stories behind them and my goals for the future.

The most exciting part of all of this was how people really loved my dolls. The children that came to every single one of my markets made me squeal with delight! They remembered little old me! (And I remembered them!)

After Market I busily made gifts for my friends kids. But most importantly, gifts for my son.

He asked me for three dolls. (Not bought toys!)

1. Him dressed as a reindeer:

2. Him dressed as a snowman:

3. Him dressed as Santa:

He had asked if Santa will be visiting our home like his friends have been saying. I said unlikely because Santa was alive a long time ago.

I told him about how Santa would give presents to the poor and children who didn’t have much in their lives. So while Santa may not be alive anymore, we keep his spirit alive by being kind and generous. Especially to those less fortunate than us. I told him that he has so many family and friends who give him endless amounts of love and gifts. Santa won’t need to visit him, right? He agreed.

He then asked me to make his Santa doll a giant sack full of presents.

“Why?” I asked curiously because I thought he had understood our (complex) conversation about Santa.

“So I can give it to the children who need more love.”

I melted. He’s four.

“I don’t need more umma. I just need more snuggles from you and baba.”

You got it kid. You are seriously the best.

Happy holidays friends, may it be filled with lots of love and laughter.

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