Hook and Chat

Hi friends,

I feel like I need to apologise every time I update a blog entry because… well, I am sorry.

Ideally I’d have time to make videos, patterns, tutorials, keep up with social media and still do my mum dutites and have my own time. But as you know, I can’t do everything. 🙂

So I sneak in a bit here and there to let you know this blog is still…. half alive.

I’ve been working with my friends at Hobium Yarns to bring a series called “Hook and Chat” to both our Youtube channels. We are already on week seven on it and had I planned it through, I would have let you know 7 weeks ago. haha!

The idea of Hook and Chat came about one day when I was talking to a lot of friends how isolated we feel. How our friend time went away. So I try to record about 30-40 mins of me working on my works in progress and crochet away while chatting to my camera. Sometimes I have funny stories but other times I’m just at a loss for words. But the point of it is that you’d have a little coffee break with a fellow crafter friend.

I hope it you feel loved and find some comfort in it. I’m trying to upload it once a week and after 10 episodes, I’ll decide whether or not to continue.

You can find the series on my youtube channel by clicking on this link.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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