Happiest Holidays

Hi again!

Happy holidays from our family to yours. It’s been an exciting end of the year. As you know we had two markets this year. Etsy Made Local Hong Kong and Hong Kong Handmade two weeks after.

Etsy Made Local on Nov 26, 2017

Handmade Hong Kong on Dec 10, 2017.

Both were highly successful. So many people came and supported my little one person operation shop! It was exciting to meet everyone and talk to them about my products, the stories behind them and my goals for the future.

The most exciting part of all of this was how people really loved my dolls. The children that came to every single one of my markets made me squeal with delight! They remembered little old me! (And I remembered them!)

After Market I busily made gifts for my friends kids. But most importantly, gifts for my son.

He asked me for three dolls. (Not bought toys!)

1. Him dressed as a reindeer:

2. Him dressed as a snowman:

3. Him dressed as Santa:

He had asked if Santa will be visiting our home like his friends have been saying. I said unlikely because Santa was alive a long time ago.

I told him about how Santa would give presents to the poor and children who didn’t have much in their lives. So while Santa may not be alive anymore, we keep his spirit alive by being kind and generous. Especially to those less fortunate than us. I told him that he has so many family and friends who give him endless amounts of love and gifts. Santa won’t need to visit him, right? He agreed.

He then asked me to make his Santa doll a giant sack full of presents.

“Why?” I asked curiously because I thought he had understood our (complex) conversation about Santa.

“So I can give it to the children who need more love.”

I melted. He’s four.

“I don’t need more umma. I just need more snuggles from you and baba.”

You got it kid. You are seriously the best.

Happy holidays friends, may it be filled with lots of love and laughter.

Market Time

Hi again (poor neglected blog).

Things are moving along with Market preps and I wanted share that I will be at:

Etsy Made Local (Nov 26, 2017)

Handmade Hong Kong (Dec 10, 2017) booth #7

Both are in Discovery Bay from 11am-6pm

I love to tell my son and his friends the story behind my dolls. Real places with a magical flair. Here are some of my dolls that will be there and their stories:

Hong Kong Mer-People

There are many mer-people living in the waters of Hong Kong. They love to play with the children that are near the waterside, splashing them with their tails to make them smile.

Each mer-person has glittery hair, as the sun shines on their golden locks. Whenever the angry typhoon monster comes by, the mer-people join together to protect the people from harm by fighting the typhoon monster away.

The people cheer as the typhoon disappears and the sun shines on Hong Kong again.

The mer-people are never far incase another typhoon monster should appear and the people of Hong Kong know they are in safe hands.

Jellyfish of Jeju Island:

In the waters surrounding Jeju Island, a little 해파리 (jelly fish) swims around the famous Korean island.

While the locals are sleeping he flies out of the waters to go eat the delicious 한라봉 (special jeju island oranges) and disappears back into the waters before sunrise.

Sometimes you can see a little sparkle in the sun as it becomes morning and that means little 해파리 just went back into the waters.

Local farmers don’t mind because he adds a little magic to their day

君 the Octopus of Hong Kong

Every sunset a little octopus named 君 (“Gwon” meaning gentleman in Cantonese) swims over from the Deep South China Sea to a place called 海星灣: Starfish Bay. It’s in a little area of #hongkong (Ma On Shan)where it is quiet and peaceful.

The locals also go out in low tide to collect the clams that have appeared as they walk out into the bay.

Little do they know, it’s actually little 君 stretching out his tentacles to create the low tides for the locals to pick their clams.

He smiles as he watches families spending time together, children laughing and kicking the water.

And when they are all done, he swims back into the deep waters and visits again the next day.

And of course some other favourites from my Etsy shop. From Nov 26-Dec 11, 2017: my Etsy shop will have free shipping to all Hong Kong residents! Incase you can’t make it to my Markets, then you won’t be missing out. ❤️

I hope to see you all in Discovery Bay very soon!

Summer Crafting 

I mad this owl mobile as a surprise for one of our friends who is having a precious little boy due soon! I asked what the nursery colours would be and red is one of the colours. I hope S & K like it and their little Bebe too!

Last but not least: a watercolour paining of a dinosaur my son painted the other day. He is full of giggles and joy. I really hope he keeps that in his heart for the rest of his life. He has so much love and he is so sweet. Makes this mummy so proud to call him my boy.

I’m slowly making new amigurumis and other items for my etsy as well as a Christmas market (if I get accepted). Feeling surreal that half the year is gone already. So much has changed and so much is going to change. But one thing that hasn’t changed is how thankful and blessed I feel to have the life I do.

Birthday Month

Hi all,

It’s my birthday month and what a wonderful one it has been as well as an emotional one for me.

My friend Charmain moved away from Hong Kong and it was very emotional leading up to moving day. She has become one of my closest friends here. Our kids go to school together, we craft together (with our dear friend Sonia) and I felt very happy seeing her on a daily basis. I truly appreciate our friendship and how kind, understanding and loving she is. It’s truly empty here without her but thanks to modern technology we are able to keep in touch quite easily.

Before she left she gave me these beautiful calligraphy pens and book because she remembered that I picked up hand lettering as a new hobby. She is always thoughtful and remembers all the small details. I really miss her and her daughters so much.

My husband got me all my favourite wish list items for my birthday. I’ve been eyeing Paintbox Yarns for quite sometime now. I love their packaging, their colours and the soft feel of their yarns. I can’t wait to try these out soon. I am planning to make a sweater for my son. I want to make amigurumi with them too so I’ll be sure to design something for these yarns specifically.

Another wishlist item is anything by Wool and The Gang! I drool every single time I see their newsfeed and always want their items. So my husband got me the “What’s Love” top kit and I’m already half finished. The yarn feels like silk and is animal product free! So my vegan friends are sure to love it.

The day that Charmain left, my husband had work in Macau. My son and I joined him there and we chilled by the pool and I whipped out my Tunisian crochet. I am starting to make things in anticipation for the winter time and to slowly start stocking my etsy shop.

Some work in progress and finished items:

I hope everyone is having a lovely June. I may be missing my friend dearly but I am ever so thankful for the time spent together with her. Even though we may be far apart but she and her daughters will never be far from our hearts.

If you have a friend who is dear to you, give them a huge hug. ❤

This Is Why I Make Things

The other day, my very dear friend Charmain came over with her two lovely daughters. Charmain and I were feverishly making things for the upcoming market while our kids played together.

Then, I showed the girls some owls I had made. I had two that were prototypes that I don’t plan to sell. One was purple so I gave that to her eldest and another was yellow. The eldest loved hers because it is her favourite colour. The youngest asked me for a green one.

I remembered that I had some green yarn I wasn’t using so I made one for her on the spot. She squealed with delight when she got hers and off they went back home.

Later that evening, Charmain sends me a picture of both girls snuggling with the owls I had made. They were in bed about to sleep and had my owls in their adorable little arms while smiling!

Sonia, who is also making things for the market, has two boys who are so very close to my heart. I also gave them some prototype owls and they too, sleep with the owls I made. They even named them, one shares a name with my son.

And this is why I craft. This feeling of extreme happiness, love and joy. Seeing these girls and boys so happy from something I made – well, there is no amount of awesomeness I can use to describe how much it meant to me.

I also hope that if you choose to buy any of my items from the market or my shop, that you will feel happiness and love too. 


Good (Monday) Morning!

I’m frantically making items for the Discovery Bay Market Handmade Market on May 14th, 2017. Since I am making the items all by myself, I’m debating on what items I will focus on for it.

I have so many items that I have made (like headbands and such) but I think I need to be more realistic about what items I can actually make in time for the event. The owls from my previous post will definitely be there as they are a staple and what people know me for.

I will also have this beautiful Happy Day Weather Mobile. It is a pattern you can find on Ravelry if you choose to make it yourself. I just love how much this makes me smile and I’ve made so many of these as a baby shower gift. My son also has one in his room that I made many years ago!

I am debating on this one. I came up with this design myself because it is always raining it seems in Hong Kong. So I wanted to make a mobile to show it. 🙂 This is just the prototype but I am really loving how it turned out. I used some gorgeous ribbon yarn for something extra.

As I finalise my items for the market and really plan out how many of each I can make for the market. I may do a poll soon to see what you all prefer. In the end, it really isn’t a big deal because I will have these items on my etsy shop once the market is finished. 🙂

These days have been quite tiring for me as I have been hooking non stop. I did take one day off from hooking to help my hands heal a bit from the pain. But I really do hope you make it to the market to come say hi!

And as always – the goal of my items are to make you smile. I hope you do when you see my pictures too!

Thank you to all my friends and family for all the support you have given me. Couldn’t have made it this far without you all!

Prepping For The Market 

Happy Thursday!

I’ve been furiously working on these owls for the Discovery Bay Market on May 14, 2017!

Since I’m a one woman hooking operation, I’m working non stop to make enough for the market. I’m hoping to have options like key rings, purse charms and ribbons for mobiles incase anyone wants those!

As I make each one, my son keeps exclaiming: “is that for me??”. Makes me smile every single time. 🙂 he is especially excited to help me sell my items at the market.

I will be making other things as well and update you as I make them! 

Are you excited about these owls? Which is your favourite? 

The happy, wide awake or sleepy owl? 😊😳😴🦉

Back to Basics: How to read a yarn label

Good (rainy) morning from Hong Kong.

I’m starting a series called “Back to Basics” to show you how I crochet/knit. I want to be very clear that I am not a professional and that this is how I do my craft. With that said, I love sharing what I have learned and always love learning new things as well. 🙂

Today we will start off with reading a yarn label. Everything is on label itself – the weight, length, what size needle or hook, material and care.

Please take a look at my video to see how to read one and if you happen to have yarn on you and want to follow along. Please feel free.

If you enjoyed the video, please subscribe (like and comment to let me know what you want to see next) on Youtube! Hope you enjoy the series and see you next time.